Interpersonal Communication 5 & Journals


First Part

 I want 2 Journals about interpersonal   communication. just 5 sentences for each journal with quality entries on the following topics:

   a) the relationship they have chosen to improve for this semester,

   b) any references they have found in the news media that relate to interpersona  


   c) ideas and thoughts from the chapter readings that they can use to improve their personal

     and/or professional lives,

   d) free write anything that comes into their minds.



Second Part


Total 2 pages 


Writing one page for the topic 1 and 2.

Topic 1-  Relationship Stages

Topic 2- Relationship Communication



Writing one page for the topic 3 and 4.

Topic 3- Friendship Relationship

Topic 4- Love Relationship.



Please separate 

Please on time


Please focus about the grammar , MLA style and simple words. 



Each paper should be organized with a clear beginning, middle, and end.  Be sure to give an overview of the paper's main ideas in the introduction and summarize these main ideas at the end of the paper.



 Please no Plagiarism

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