international marketing portfolio

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international marketing portfolio

There are three learning objectives for the international marketing portfolio. The first objective is to familiarize yourself with the cultural environment of a country and to facilitate cross-cultural understanding. The second objective is to gather information about a product and prepare a marketing plan in a country you choose. Understanding the environment is an essential step before you begin developing the marketing plan. The third objective of the Final Portfolio Project is to reinforce key concepts covered in this course.

Select a country in which you have a specific interest or passion, and compose a 10- to 15-page paper as outlined below:

Part I: Introduction and Country Identification—This section should include the following subsections:

  1. Cover Page with name of the selected country
  2. Table of Contents
  3. Executive Summary

Part II: Basic Country Information—This section should include the following subsections about the country's history:

  1. The name of the country
  2. Its location with border countries, oceans, seas, etc.
  3. Area on a major map (visuals are optional)
  4. Capital of the country
  5. Type of government
  6. Type of economy
  7. Population
  8. Major language/secondary language, etc.
  9. Religion(s) by percentage or numbers

Part III: Market Information—This section should include the following subsections about management, marketing, and financial issues:

  1. Three major products or services exported
  2. Three major products or services imported
  3. Monetary units and exchange rate
  4. Any other pertinent information, such as education and social benefits

Part IV: Conclusion and Recommendations—This section should include the following subsections:

  1. Conclusions and your opinions and recommendations on selling a single product or service in the selected country
  2. Suggestions to achieve a competitive advantage with the product vis-à-vis competitive products
  3. Final recommendations
  4. List of resources used to complete the assignment

paper should be formatted in APA style


Table of Content

Serial No.

Name of the Content

Page No.

Chapter One

Basic Country Information

4 to 10

1.1 Introduction and Country Identification


1.2 Location


1.3 Area

4 to 5

1.4 Capital


1.5 Government


1.6 Economy

7 to 8

1.7 Population


1.8 Major language


1.9 Religion


Chapter Two

Market Information

11 to 12

2.1 Major Export Products or Services


2.2 Major Import Products or Services


2.3 Monetary unit and Exchange rates


2.4 Education and Social benefits


Chapter Three



Chapter Four





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