You are requested to research the following points in relation to the Lebanon
a)    How is the outlook of the investment climate in the Country?
b)    Is the government of the Country actively pursuing investments? If no, why not? If yes, what are the primary motives behind such pursuit and what efforts is the government of the Country doing in order to attract investment?
c)    How interested are investors and what level of investments do they seem ready to commit in the Country?
d)    What sectors should be most appealing to investors?
e)    What impediments stand in the way of, and what existing natural circumstances seem to promote, an ideal investment climate in the Country?
f)    From a policy-making perspective, what are your personal recommendations for the government of the Country and for the international investment community for the promotion of an ideal investment climate in the Country?
Please specify in footnotes or endnotes the source of all research information that is reported on (especially web links) in order to verify the authenticity of such information.
* Quality of the Research and Informative Content report on information that is of actuality and that is sufficiently comprehensive to: (i) build and formulate sound opinion statements, and to (ii) respond to the above questions.
* Understanding of the Theoretical Concepts And Personal Analysis has responded to the questions thoroughly, has applied logic, defended well her rationales and opinion statements, and has shown good understanding of the theoretical concepts and their practical significance.
* Structure, Style, Format, Spelling, and Grammar The structure, format, language are impeccable and look and feel ‘professional’ and places sufficient and adequate references to all information elements reported on.
* Interest, Participation, and Attentiveness has demonstrated a good level of interest in the subject matter. The student’s participation was exceptional or has made an excellent demonstration of her attentiveness (e.g. unique or very advanced correlations with, or applications of, information taught during lectures).

please write only about Lebanon no country else and write about the new update news on this subject.

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