International Financial Management Assignment

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1. Visit the corporate website of Nestlé, one of the most multinational companies in the world (or you can pick any of your favourite multinational company). Study and discuss the scope of geographical diversification of its sales and revenues. Also, gather and evaluate the company’s financial information from related websites. You may use such internet engines as Google and Yahoo.


2. It is often mentioned that the United States has a “market centered” corporate governance system, whereas Germany has a “bank centered” system. Review the website of the OECD,, or any other relevant websites and answer the following questions:

a) Compare and contrast the corporate governance systems of the two countries.
b) How did the two countries come to have the particular governance systems?
c) What are the consequences of the different governance systems in the two countries?


3. Study the website of International Monetary Fund (IMF),, and discuss the role of the IMF in dealing with balance-of-payments and currency crises.

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