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I should deliver 5 minutes peech in my speech class.The topic is:influence of music on stress.this paper needs 3 different outside sources with a verbal source citation for each(who,what, and when) ,also i should use at least 2 visual aids for this delivery,what would be your suggestion?

i provide you all info. my teacher gave us for this paper.

Informative Outline
Use this template for your informative speech outline. Your number ofmain points, sub points, and
source placement may vary. All components should be labeled and identified as shown, including
transitions and source citations.
Title: Finding a Roommate on Craigslist
Specific purpose: To educate my audience on what steps to take when looking for a roommate on
Organizational pattern: Chronological
Visual aids:
● screenshot of craigslist housing search parameters
● sample roommate ad text
● sample roommate photographs
Attention getter: There was the time that I had been living with a him for three months without
knowing that he had a cat. There was the time the frequency of his girlfriend’s 5 year old sleeping
over went from once every two weeks to three times a week. There was the the time that I came
out of my bedroom to find him doing hard drugs with an entire band. There was the time when I
found a notice under the door that stated that he was five thousand dollars behind in rent. This was
my roommate.
Audience connection
● Net 1 : In an ever­changing world, how we live and who we live with is changing. Even if you
don’t have a desire to or think you will every live with a roommate, life circumstances can
change. According to a 201 3 Pew Research Study, in a report write up by Richard
Fry, a Senior Researcher, major factors for the rise and change in traditional living
dynamics include factors such as declining employment, declining marriage, and
rising college enrollment.
● Net 2: Even if you never experience having to live with a roommate, maybe you have a
friend or family member who could benefit from this information. Or maybe you’ll be the on
the other end as the property owner and one day want to rent out a room in your home to
earn some additional income. The information I will tell you about tonight can help you
understand the process of finding a roommate on Craigslist even if you yourself never do it
● Credentials:
○ I have had over 1 5 non­family roommates; many from Craigslist. I’ve lived with one
other person at a time, and I’ve lived with 6 at a time, including a successfully
cohabitation with a random Craigslister for a period of 2 years. I’ve survived
unknown animals, unexpected guests who became regular guests, and financial
matters gone awry.
○ I’m also an active Craigslist user, for everything from roommates to cars to bikes. I
know how the site works and what the general range of protocols are when using
the site.
● Motivation: I want you to be prepared so you don’t make the same mistakes I did. Craigslist
can be very helpful tool for roommates, but in order for it to be most effective, and safe,
some basic, but important steps should be followed.
Thesis/Preview statement: Today, I’m going to share with you 3 important steps to follow in the
roommate search process: 1 ) setting basic search parameters, 2) filtering your results, and 3)
screening potential candidates. These steps will be outlined from the perspective of someone
looking to move into someone else’s place.
Transition to main point one: The first step in finding a roommate on Craigslist is to set your search
parameters. Some of these parameters have built­in search options on the website, others are not.
(Display visual aid #1 )
Step #1 : Set your basic search parameters
Sub point A: Built­in Craigslist search parameters: location, price, size
○ consider #1 : what are your ranges for location, price, and size?
○ consideration #2: how much are you willing to negotiate on these?
Sub point B: additional basic parameters to consider (not built into the website): length of stay,
number of persons
● consider #1 : how soon would you like to move?
● consideration #2: how long are you looking to stay?
● consideration #3: how many people are you willing to live with?
Transition to main point two: After understanding how to determine your basic search parameters, the
next step to finding a roommate on Craigslist is to filter your results. (Display visual aid #2)
Step #2: Filter your results
Sub point A: ad text analysis
○ consideration #1 : content (length, detail)
○ consideration #2: writing style (grammar, tone, etc.)
(Display visual aid #3)
Sub point B: ad photographs analysis
○ consideration #1 : lighting
○ consideration #2: angles
Transition to main point three: After filtering your results, the next step is to screen potential roommate
Step #3: Screening potential candidates
Sub point A:
This can be done through any means of communication and all methods have their advantages and
disadvantage, though Alyse Whitney, who herself has had numerous Craigslist roommate
experiences, suggests that you spend at least 30 minutes with a potential roommate in
person to get a more accurate idea of who they are. In Whitney’s June 201 2 online article
for New York­based real search site Brick Underground titled “How to find a
Room/Roommate on Craigslist (and Avoid the Freaks),” she writes that the process is
similar to speed dating and that you should ask plenty of questions.
Sub point B: deal breaker questions to consider (lifestyle compatibility and “house rules”)
○ hours of work
○ hours of sleep/quiet hours
○ shared areas
○ cooking/cleaning
○ pets
○ guests
○ bills
Sub point C: things to look for on the tour
○ does description match place?
○ do pictures match reality?
While these thing mays sound like common sense, sometimes we overlook the simple things. In a March
201 4 blog post for the Huffington Post, titled “How I Fell for an Awful Craigslist Rental Scam and
What I Should Have Done Differently,” Sara Gates admits: “I question how I could have been so
dumb to trust a total stranger. I should have stopped and done what I'm trained to do as a
journalist ­­ my research.”
Signal and preview:Tonight, I’ve shared with with you 3 important steps you should consider in the
roommate search process: setting basic search parameters, filtering your results, and screening
potential candidates.
Audience connection reminder: With an increasing number of people living with roommates to
either save money or make money, this information may be of help to you, whether as the potential
renter or the owner of a property. These steps are also applicable to other important life decisions
that can benefit from a similar process as this, such as in online socializing or job hunting.
Memorable ending: I started tonight by sharing some bad experiences I’ve had with a roommate.
Now you may be asking yourself, “How did he do it? How did he survive? Where did he find the
strength?” The answer: I now live alone.
BIBLIOGRAPHY (Use APA OR MLA style; Use for help)
Fry, Richard. "A Rising Share of Young Adults Live in Their Parents' Home." Pew Research Centers Social
Demographic Trends Project RSS. N.p., 01 Aug. 201 3. Web. 02 Mar. 201 6.
Gates, Sara. "How I Fell for an Awful Craigslist Rental Scam and What I Should Have Done Differently."
Huffington Post. N.p., 1 1 Mar. 201 4. Web. 1 1 Mar. 201 6.
Whitney, Alyse. "How to Find a Room/Roommate on Craigslist (and Avoid The Freaks)." Brick
Underground. N.p., 26 June 201 6

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