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In today's information age, anyone can publish just about anything on the Web. Discuss at least three (3) ways you can tell whether or not online sources of information are reliable, and how you can use that information in an ethically responsible manner. To complete the assignment, create a one-page reflection using Microsoft Word, adding a second page to list your references. You must include at least two (2) references (APA formatting), one of which can be your textbook. For APA reference assistance, use Purdue OWL (Links to an external site.).

Please write your reflection in complete sentences, using single-spaced, 12-point font, and submit your Microsoft Word (.docx, .doc) document as an attachment via the File Upload tab. 


The content for this course is presented in a module format, and structured in a way that requires students to review and/or complete items sequentially. As a result, it is imperative that students access all course content through the Modules tab in the Canvas course menu. If, at any time, content displays as “locked”, please review the previous content in the corresponding module to make sure those items have been completed and/or reviewed as required. Additionally, failure to follow the instructions, including submission and formatting requirements, may result in the deduction of points. Please refer to the Saving and Submitting Assignments page in Canvas for specific requirements, and/or contact your instructor for additional information.

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