Information Systems Research Paper


Purpose: This assignment gives you a chance to produce a scholarly paper (10+ pages**) about current research in Information Science (IS) and related domains (security, business, finance, analytics, communications, social networks, etc.). By preparing it, you will familiarize yourself with information system issues, scientific methods of investigation, and theories and models used by IS researchers. See optional textbook for ideas: Davis and Shaw, ed. (2013) Introduction to Information Science and Technology. You are citing others’ ideas mainly as in a “literature review “and are not required to have original research or ideas. So your conclusion represents a synthesis of your research and conclusions.

(**Longer is better.) 

Because you have “research” and peer-reviewed publications to consider, the topic areas vary and include retrieval theory, knowledge management and information architecture, as well as user behavior, theories and models covering computer interactions, cognition, psychology, and human factors. The IS field of study includes search engines and meta-data analysis; statistical formulas and quantitative pattern analyses are evaluated. Computer-based technologies are investigated in IS to improve data base administration and information systems through knowledge-based systems (expert systems), artificial intelligence, decision support systems, data mining tools, encryption/decryption, system security (access, viruses, etc.), networking (handheld, wireless applications), collaboration, and object-oriented programming.  Current topics: healthcare databases, social networking, spam, wireless, apps, informatics, blogs, wikis, RFIDs, grids.


 DEVELOP A THESIS STATEMENT based on what you know that is related to news or a scholarly reference(s) you read.

Thesis Example: “The need for effective network security has increased since 9/11; however, the technology used by hackers advances each year ahead of IT efforts. Therefore, this paper will explore proven security approaches.”

 That is, use a 3-Part THESIS STRUCTURE:

  • Positive statement (theory or observed “truth”)
  • However statement… (problem to research)
  • Therefore statement… (approach you intend to use to resolve) 



Write a 10-12 page paper (including charts, figures, bulleted lists, and other graphics; as well as reference list or bibliography).See outline and rubric below.


Suggested Outline: (Note that illustrations such as charts or figures are very good to have; a cognitive style issue.)


                        I.         Abstract (write this last to summarize)

                       II.         Thesis statement

                     III.         Literature review (or background on topic)

                     IV.         Argument/discussion of research

                      V.         Results and conclusion

                     VI.         References (sources cited/bibliography in APA style)

                   VII.         (optional) appendices (supporting material)


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