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Your initial postings must be 250350 words (not including the full references). Keep your responses succinct. Your written assignments must follow APA guidelines. Be sure to support your work with specific citations from this week's Learning Resources. Other scholarly sources may also be used to support your work. Refer to the APA Manual to ensure that your in-text citations and reference list are correct.


Information, Integration and Communication

As the use of informatics continues to increase in nursing practice, it is important for nurses to understand how to use these types of technologies to input and decipher data as well as successfully and accurately share information regarding patient care. Reflect on your own experience using information technology, and then address the following:

Would an integrated and/or interoperable computer-based information system improve the flow of critical information in your setting? Why?

• How important is information literacy to your practice in communicating information to other nurses, units, offices, or departments? Why?

Support your ideas or those of others with references from the professional nursing literature.

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