Influence of internet in music industry

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Influence of internet in music industry (paper of 10 pages)

Additional Requirements

Min Pages: 20
Level of Detail: Show all work
Other Requirements: Internet Research Paper on Global Financial Strategies

Research Paper Information

The purpose of the term paper is to make you an expert in some phase global financial strategy as it pertains to the Internet. More specifically,

"How the development of the Web and Internet has impacted global finances?”

The student can choose any “one company” (say, Barnes and Nobles) or “one industry” (say, Music Industry).
The paper should be based on current research articles as well as other reading materials. The paper should be well written and proper end notes and bibliography are required. As a general guideline, the paper should be approximately TWENTY pages long, typed (1.5 spacing Font size 11 and excluding references and appendices).

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