Income as a Diversity Issue on Virtual Teams by 8pm tonight minimum of (100 words)


"Income level may be the strongest determinant of a person’s access to computer technology and the Internet. One government study on Internet use in the United States found that urban households earning incomes more than $75,000 a year are twenty times as likely to have home Internet access as rural households at the lowest income levels.66 When asked which demographic groups of college students are less Web-savvy, Eszter Hargittal identifies socioeconomic status and its effects on women, Latin/Hispanic, and African American students whose parents have lower levels of education.67"



What are some ways that web-based groups/virtual groups can help to overcome this particular form of diversity challenges?!/4/2[P7000478852000000000000000003822]/8[P7000478852000000000000000003838]/14[P7000478

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