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[WSC] Implementation/Deployment Plan

Your Deployment and Post Implementation Plan will consist of the following sections and for each section you will provide a 2-3 paragraph description.  Delete the “Red” instructions prior to submitting the document for grading.

1.    Required Hardware

Describe what hardware will be necessary to implement the application. This should include all computer AND network hardware.

For this application you could either use a laptop or a computer. There are many options to getting the hardware necessary for the application. One option is to buy an all-in-one desktop which includes all the computer hardware, another option would be buying a laptop which also has all of the computer hardware, or you could build you a computer from ground up. For the computer the hardware would be a keyboard, mouse, monitor, motherboard, graphic card, computer data storage, hard drive, power supply, expansion cords, input and output peripherals, CPU(Central processing unit), chipset, RAM(Random-Access Memory, and ROM(Read Only Memory). The hardware for the laptop is basically the same thing the only difference is that the keyboard is built in and also the mouse even though you could buy a mouse separately.

                        The network hardware that would be necessary for this application would be a wireless adapter, router, or an Ethernet cord. For the computer hardware that we are testing out the project on we could use either of the options mention about for the network hardware. But we are currently using the wireless adapter that is already built inside the computer hardware. If we were to use the router we could just easily plug the Ethernet cord to the router and connect to the computer hardware.

2.    Required Operating System environment

Define and describe the OS requirements as it applies to the hardware being installed.  If you are implementing a Web Site, be sure you include any Server software specifications and any DB specifications.



3.    Software and Hardware Installation/Deployment

a.       System (Select one and justify why it was chosen; delete the option not selected)

·         Whole system conversion is where the entire system is installed at one time

We as a team choose to go with the first one which was installing the entire system one time. The reason why we decided to go with this choice because we felt like it would be way easier and faster doing this way instead of installing a lot of packages one at a time. We figure with the first option we could get the hardware/software installation install quickly in 40 minutes. When you look at previous software installation they usually automatically go with the second options of the installation. When you go download a software from a website online they usually give you three different ways to download the software onto your computer.

But after you choose an option and download it onto your computer hardware there are different packages that automatically starts installing on your computer hardware. Sometimes these packages could take a couple of minutes to download or up to an hour it all depends on the speed of the computer hardware.

b.      Location (Select one and justify why it was chosen; delete the options not selected)

·         Pilot conversion is where one or more, locations or work groups within a location are selected to be converted first as part of a pilot test

·         Phased Conversion is sequentially installed at different locations until the entire organization has the capability

·         Simultaneous conversion is where the entire organization is converted at the same time

4.    Migration Plan

a.       System Conversion:

How will information from the old system be transferred into the new system? How will the existing data be converted to the new system?  Remember a paper based process is also considered a system and as such you need to decide if that information will be entered into the new system. 

b.      Migration/Implementation Tasks:

What activities must occur to complete the migration/Implementation?

What is the timing of the activities and who is responsible for their completion?

Which activities are critical and what is the rollback plan should a critical activity fail?

c.       Training and Turnover:

How will the system be turned over to the users?  How will the users be trained on the new system?

5.    Post Implementation Activities

Describe how the following will be done:

a.       System Support

 (what assistance is provided to the end users)

For the end user we will provide user with integrated set of tools that will help solve their issues. These integrated set of tool will provide preventive, self-enablement and assisted support technologies as well as onsite support designed to provide one-on-one assistance to users. By customers using these supporting tools they could reduce the number of IT help desk support requests and reduce the duration of help desk calls to bring down costs, improve productivity and end the customer satisfaction level. We also will allow customer to email us with their issue and we will fix the customer’s issue as fast as possible or help the customer solve the issue as quickly as possible.

We could also provide a chat online system where customer that are having problems with anything could have a live chat with an IT person to discuss their problem. This could eliminated customers calling in with their problems and waiting for minutes to talk with someone from IT support team. We could also allow customer to submit tickets of their problems and assign people from IT to tickets to solve the issues that customer are experiencing with the website.


b.      System Maintenance

(how the system is improved and bugs are fixed)

We will improve the system of the website by constantly making changes and updates that will best make the system of the website work better. If customers are having problems logging into their accounts we will immediately address the issue and try to fix it as soon as possible. We will also do maintenance on the website for about an hour making sure that bugs are clean up and the website it running smoothly. Also we will listen to customer’s feedback on the website to help improve the website to their liking.

After making updates to the website we could test it out before publishing it making sure to catch the bugs in the website and eliminated the bugs. We can implement a security that could detect any hackers that is trying to hack the website or viruses that could cause harm to the website. The security system will immediately alert us and we will shut down the website to prevent the attack from hackers or viruses.

c.       Project Assessment

(how and when will lessons learned be analyzed and evaluated)


Document Work Log:


To assist in assessing the contributions made by the individual team members, the team must complete the table below:



Team Member - Primary

Team Member - Secondary

1.       Required Hardware



2.       Required Operating System Environment



3.       Software & Hardware Installation/Deployment



a)         System



b)         Location



4.       Migration Plan



a)         System Conversion



b)         Migration/Implementation Tasks



c)         Training and Turnover



5.       Post Implementation Activities



a)         System Support



b)         System Maintenance



c)         Project Assessment






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