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humanities and culture

Impact of a Revolution



Cultural revolution is defined as a major change that impacts the way people in a culture lead their lives. This could be anything from a major terrorist attack like September 11, 2001 that impacts a feeling of security, or a change in technology that changes how people interact and work. It could be a positive change such as the fall of Communism in Europe during the 1980s, or a change in attitudes about women or minorities. Cultural revolutions can impact a single country or the global economy.


In your own life, a cultural revolution may be a change in religious practice and belief, or an event that restructures the family unit. There are a variety of ways that culture and revolution can be defined, and this will be explored through two interviews.

Be prepared for the interview.


You will select two people and interview them about the cultural revolutions that have had the most impact upon their lives. You should create at least 4–5 questions to ask, and be prepared to ask follow-up questions if you want more information. The objective is to see the impact of cultural revolutions upon societies, but an effective way to learn about the view of a member in the society is to ask an individual.


You will not be required to prepare a transcript of the interviews, but you should take notes so you can answer the Assignment question. The replies to the questions below, Part I and Part II, should be between 500–700 words.


I. One at a time, you will want to introduce the person you are interviewing and explain why you chose them for the interview. Then, you will summarize their replies and highlight one or two interesting ways they viewed the cultural revolution as having an impact upon their life. How has this revolution improved or made life more challenging? How have they changed? How has their family changed? After you complete these steps with the first interview, write the same information for the second interview.


II. Finally, you should draw conclusions about the process and the answers that were given. Compare and contrast the results of the interviews. Discuss what was similar or different in the replies. What did you learn about how these interview subjects saw their role in society? What is their attitude about the opportunities and challenges of this cultural revolution?

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Cultural xxxxxxxxxx x

Cultural Revolution 4


Cultural xxxxxxxxxx

Name xx Student


xxxxxxx xxxxx CULTURAL xxxxxxxxxx 1

Health xxxx and xxxxxxxx 4


xxxx xxxxxx xxxxx and xxx xxxxxxxx xx general have xxxxxx powerful xxxxxxxxxxx that xxxx xxxx used to xxxxxxxxx and shape human xxxxxxxxx xxx impact they have xxxxx in xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xx the xxxxx and xxxx xx shaping some xx xxx cultural nuances of xxx day has xxxxxxx the xxx experts xxxx the two xxxxxxxx xxx internet xxx xxxxxx xxxxx has xxx ability xx xxxxxx xxx precipitate public participation, xxxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxx of democratic ideals. xxx xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx xx its impact across xxx different xxxxxxxxxxx xx individuals.

Isaac Hayden xx x xxxxx Political xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxx xx Middle xxxx xxxxxxxx and through xxx xx xxxx analyze xxx impact of social media on xxx revolutions xxxx xxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxx xx xxx Middle East.

xx xxxx extent xxx Social xxxxx xxxx x xxxx in xxx Arab Spring?

xxxxxxx media xxxxxx x huge role as x mobilization tool

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