Research proposal requirements


Interesting title (impact of Emiratization on companies and expatriates in the UAE)



1.       Introduction

·         Introduce the topic and research context (choose a company in UAE) and why?

·         Purpose of the research (why this research is important and who will benefit from it?)

·         What conduct you will use? ( survey )

·         Use relevant literature sources example (I have studied..?)




2.       Significance of the study


·         Why are you doing the research?

·         Why worth doing? To whom is the study important?



3.       Research Objective


·         What are you planning to achieve?

Example (I will use it in my master degree)


4.       Methodology ( IMPORTANT ) concentrate on it 


·         I will be using Explanatory (analytical) approach (explain it) and because I want to analyze...

·         Why?

·         How questionnaire surveys

·         Why u chose the survey?

·         How much is the sample and who are they? And when you will survey and where you survey?

5.       Referencing

·         Majority of sources are current, credible and published ( avoidance of internet sources)

·         APA method

·         Correct in text referencing

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