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I have always had an interest in Medicine; this has been my passion since I was a young child. Over the years while working all over the places, travelling and getting internships in major behavioral science disciplines, with the goal or meeting my aspirations. I have realized the magnitude of my desire to achieve greatness in this career that enables me to come to the aid of people. Medicine is a career for reliable, dedicated and trusting individuals with who are able to develop relations with patients quickly. I want at this moment in my career to base my practice in being a pediatrician. There is great challenge in this career as one is required to be more involved in affairs of the patients and this puts more burdens on a practitioner, and I am confident that I can be able to embrace the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities that are available to further my career.

It is important that one gets into a career that they are interested in and the reason as to why I have interest in this career is the fact that my mother has a disability condition that has rendered her dependent on medical attention every day of her life. She has a Spinal hemorrhage cervical spine level 1-5 and she undergoes surgical procedure every after four months. My mother looks healthy but she is under great level of pain every single day. It was through such great challenge that my family underwent with my mother that played a positive role of medicine in me, I had always wanted to help ease my mother’s pain.

In residency program, one would ask what exactly am I looking for. I am looking for a means through which I can be able to be helpful to the society. I remember when I was in South Africa and was able to volunteer with children who had to take care of their ailing parents and at the same time take care of their younger siblings. I was not able to offer anything significant to these families but my presence was able to serve much gratitude. The main drive is brought by the concern over the level of benefit that I will be able to bring to such people if I can be able to come back as a qualified physician, coming to help people in my medical mission. My qualified presence can be able to bring more fulfillments to households.

The main professional goals that I have set in this career are to be a medical practitioner who can be able to meet the aspirations of the people and serve them in order to make their lives better. This is through provision professional pediatric care to them.  All over the community there are myriads of illnesses and there is no day that siren of police cars and ambulances would not buzz all over the neighborhood with people in need of medical attention. It is my professional desire that I become part of the solution to these problems.

When I was considering nursing as a career, I did arrange for work experience through getting involved in several missions that took me to South Africa. My time in South Africa was quite amazing and fulfilling. I travelled for long and discussed ramification of apartheid and the steps that the country had taken towards equality. I was able to communicate with the doctors in Khayelitsha District who were responsible for treating tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS. In deed as I had indicated earlier, I did take part in volunteering with children who were taking care of their parents who were down with illness and at the same time were taking care of their sibling. This was the same situation that I was in, just like me; I was ever taking care of my mother who was faced with her adverse medical condition. These children were also in the same dilemma. Through this I was able to gather much experience that can aid me into being a success in this field that I have chosen.

It is my plan to act symbiotic, to study and work at the same time. It is important to have the experience and knowledge so that I can be able to further my career. Upon completion of this course, I have a plan to work with registered hospitals and registered pediatricians so as to gain further experience. This will be made easy through my caring nature, I always want to see people lead a better life rather than suffer from medical problems that can be solved through medical application.

It is therefore my desire that I can be consider for this program because I have chosen medicine as a career from my personal experience and this will not just be a career as source of income. I want to feel that I have helped someone who is vulnerable and that I will have helped them regain their health.








 Personal Statement

Several conditions contribute to my interest in medicine; however, three of them stand out: my mothers’ disability condition, health issues in my community, and personal observations around the world. I generally refer to these as “triple jeopardy,” which are the personal, local, and global hearts of my interest in medicine.

In all of these conditions, none has been more personal and devastating than an event that has changed my family’s life forever. I was in the 4th grade, my mother was driving home after an event. As my mother recounted later, following her partial recovery from her car accident, “I looked through the rear view mirror as I came to a stop light. The distance could not have been more than three yards. Momentarily, the other car went into high gear and struck my car from behind.” She went to the hospital and was sent home after observations. Three days later, she was taken to an emergency room following a sudden paralysis. She was diagnosed with spinal hemorrhage cervical spine level 1 to 5 and remained in the hospital for several weeks. With the heroic help of the health care team, my mother recovered from most of the paralysis and was able to come home. However, the continued presence of haemosiderin deposit in cervical 1 and 2 has led to complex regional pain syndrome. Therefore, my mother undergoes surgical procedure every three or four months for some relief. Everyday, today is no exception, she experiences excruciating pains! Although, my mother may look healthy, she suffers daily. She often states, “It feels as if someone is cutting off my head.” The simple things in life such as air, touching her on the left side, and movement cause her to scream in pains consistently. This was a great challenge for my family and the positive role of medicine in alleviating the situation has further ignited my interest in medicine.


The second factor in my desire to study medicine could be found all around me-everyday—everywhere in my community. The myriad of illnesses is so overwhelming that one has to be desensitized, to function properly. I cannot think of a day in which there were no sirens of police cars, and flashing lights of  ambulances buzzing all over, two or three times a day, and most of the time, from gunshots or stroke or other illnesses. I wonder if another African American (AA) child has been shot or became ill; I also wonder if an elderly person or a single mother, who has held off on her health care to meet other needs, has just died. Living in a health professional shortage area (SouthShore, Chicago) all my life, an AA, and one that is very desirous of entering health profession, I always wondered if this was the same in other communities. I have since learned that there are disparities between mortality and morbidity experiences in AA communities compared with others. In fact, I have learned particularly from my involvement in school organizations such as sexual health peers, my direct involvement in disparity and diabetes research funded by CDC, and my volunteer work at LaRabdia Children’s Hospital with children who are sick or terminally ill. These experiences have shown me that many people suffer from deaths and disabling conditions such as violence, cardiovascular diseases, and obesity related problems. Unfortunately, these communities also have the least presence of health professionals as well as health care services. All these conditions in my community and the need to be a part of the solution serve as impetus for my interest in medicine. That is not to say that I, as a physician, will solve all these problems but I will have compassion, empathy, and first hand reasons to find the solutions.

However, these questions are not only significant to me because of where I live, but my familial background has also had some contribution. My bi-cultural (Nigerian and AA) background and interests in the world cultures have provided me with opportunities to see beyond the USA. For instance, in South Africa, I traveled along discussing the ramifications of apartheid and the new steps toward equality, communicated with doctors in Khayelitsha District who treat HIV/AIDS patents and tuberculosis, and volunteered with children who had the responsibility of taking care of their sick mothers’ and younger siblings. Although, I could not offer these families anything of significance, it was startling that my presence served much gratitude. It was amazing how so little, brought them so much fulfillment. I imagine myself, as a qualified physician, returning to volunteer and serving these families as a part of medical missions. My presence can provide families with more services and hopefully more fulfillment a thousand folds! These experiences have allowed me to extend my thought process and urgency to help families in my birth country and across the world. And as such, the desire to help address health care problems around the world serves as my third interest in pursuing a medical profession. This is my “American Dream,” an opportunity to serve others. I have therefore realized that my interest in medicine is not what the world can offer me, but what can I offer the world. Finally, my interest in medicine was not just a thought. It is everything I have done: jobs, clinical research, internships, traveling, major in behavioral sciences, and attitudes have been towards meeting my aspirations.

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1. 1. I have attached an essay I have written. Please use this as a Reference  ONLY to guide you

2. 2. YOU will be writing about me obtaining a Residency in the Field of Pediatrics

3. 3. Since you are focusing on Pediatrics  you can use my mother’s illness as are reference point (must read the essay)

4.  4. Also include that I want to help underserved and low SES communities etc. 

5. 5. You can use some Medical Knowledge 

6. 6. If you do not know about Personal Statements and Residency – Please use Google. There are hundreds and thousands of examples of criteria that Admission Boards look for 

7. 7. Be CREATIVE and MAKE ME stand out. On average Admission Boards will take approximately 45 seconds to Read my Personal Statement. MAKE ME STAND OUT. Show them why they should choose ME over other applicants. 

8. 8. Obviously this Personal Statement should be 100% Plagiarism Free

9. 9. This Personal Statement should be NO longer than 1.25 pages (single spaced) 

11. 11. Be willing to make a few adjustments if needed


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