Primar source- Choose an anthologized poem from our textbook and determine its theme, You may not choose " the road not taken" or "stopping by woos on a snowy evning" by Robert Forst, as most everyone covers these poems in high school. Write a 1- page analysis of the poem, focusing on its theme/massage. Possible theme include


abandonment                                             passage of time

coming of Age Assimilation                     Death/Mourning

Abuse/Neglect                                            Faith

Preception                                                   Betrayal 

Deception                                                    Anger 

fear                                                               Commiment






Choose one scholarl article(from the Library databases-try Academic Search Premier, JSTOR, or EBSCO) with the same theme. Incloude the first page f the article write at least 2 Pargraphe summarizing the article.

choose at least 3 other different sources which focus on the same theme. Possible Sources include:

Quotes, play, artwork, TV show, Children's Picture Book, gtreeting card(w/text), Obituary, Essay,Book, Biblical Passage, youtube video, comic book, poster, letter.

(no rap, hip hop, or inappropriate music)

Include MLA bibliographic information at the top of the first page of each entry. when you begin a new entry, start with a clean page. then analyze each entry (a minimum of 2 paragraphs)telling how it relates tothe theme, not the poem.remember that you will see samples. Follow explicity these guidelines. For some entries, such as the poem, an article,song lyrics, photograph, and artwork, youwill be requierd to include hard copes withyoueproject. this assignment should have a little page, so you should not put a header at the top of each page. All entries should be submitted in alphabetized order. You do not need a Worked cited page, becausethe entries assignment is an annotated bibliography.

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