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Create a survey (online or in person) regarding employee preferences for such categories as:


  • Work location (remote or onsite)

  • Work hours (traditional 40 hours per week M-F or consolidated work schedule)

  • Culture

  • Professional growth

  • Recognition

  • Salary

  • Benefits

    The above are only suggestions. You may create your survey based on other common employee preferences that may not be listed.

    Include at least 10 questions or rating items related to employee preferences in today's work force.

    Administer the survey to at least 10 participants, but no more than 15 participants. The participants should be working professionals or soon to be college graduates.

    Analyze your results in a 700- to 1,050-word paper.

    Provide the results of your survey as well as an analysis of what the results might mean to XYZ Company's Human Resource Manager. You may include graphs, charts, or other formats to present your data.

    Pick the two areas of highest response that you are seeking support from the Human Resource Manager based on your survey results.

    Persuade the Human Resource Manager to embrace employee preferences you have determined most important based on your survey response as one of the following:


  • 10-slide presentation

    Your message must be clear and concise, communicating your survey findings and the need for support of employee preferences.

    Submit your survey within your report, and the communication piece. Format your report and presentation consistent with APA guidelines.


    See attachment for guild

    PART B

    Resource: Strategic Innovation Management, Ch. 10!/4/2/[email protected]:94.1

    Refer back to the product used in the Week 1 Individual Assignment: Innovation Continuum.

    Create a 10 to 15-slide presentation with detailed speaker notes with Microsoft® PowerPoint®, Prezi®, or OfficeMix365.

    Part 1:

    Summarize the four stage development model used in the textbook, utilizing the selected product to give possible examples of each stage when it was being developed.  Be sure to address the stages of:


  • Outline concept

  • Detailed design

  • Testing

  • Launch

    Part II:

    Select any two of the "Tools to Support New Product Development" in Chapter 10 of Strategic Innovation Management. 

    Illustrate an example of how the selected tools would be used to develop a product.

    Include visuals in your presentation to illustrate your main ideas.

    Include at least two references.

    Format the presentation according to APA guidelines. 


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