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An in-depth research paper centered on your own choice of subject related with East Asian Cinemas. It could be about a film, a director, a genre, a theme, a theoretical question, and/or a certain aspect of transnational film culture (e.g. co-production, cross-cultural reception).  You are NOT to cover all of the elements about the film or filmmaker, but to have a clear focus and a central thesis.

You are required to submit a written proposal for your final essay with properly formatted bibliography/filmography, and get it approved before writing the paper.


Research Sources:

Books from the University Library (

Digital Journal Database (JSTOR, ProjectMuse, ProQuest)—all accessible through the University Library System (

Google Scholar (

(Note: Non-academic online sources such as IMDB and Wikipedia are acceptable but NOT recommended. The bottom line is that non-academic online sources CANNOT be the ONLY source of references in your paper.)




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