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2.8 (13)
2.8 (13)

Object-Oriented Analysis

Question 1 [40]

Based on the following narrative, develop either an activity diagram or a fully developed description for the use case of Add a new vehicle to an existing policy in a car insurance system.
Narrative: A customer calls a clerk at the insurance company and gives his policy number. The clerk enters this information, and the system displays the basic insurance policy. The clerk then checks the information to make sure the premiums are current and the policy is in active.
The customer gives the make, model, year, and vehicle identification number (VIN) of the car to be added. The clerk enters this information, and the customer selects the type of coverage desired and the amount of each. The clerk enters the information, and the system records it and validates the request amount against the policy limits. After the coverage has been entered, the system insures the total coverage against all other ranges, including other cars on the policy. Finally, the customer must identify all the drivers and the percentage of the time they drive the car. If a new driver is to be added, then another use case Add new driver could be invoked (not for this assignment).

Question 2 [10]

In chapter 10 you learnt to develop a first-cut DCD, a set of CRC cards, and a final DCD for the Create phone sale use case for RMO. Create the first-cut DCD for the Look up item availability use case. Use the applicable scenario in chapter 10. (State your assumptions.)
Chapter 11 – Object-Oriented Design: Use Case Realization

Question 3 [6]
Explain elements of message syntax on a sequence diagram.
Chapter 12 – Database, Controls and Security

Question 4 [6]
Describe the risk factors associated with database design

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