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Answer the following essay questions. Each response should be approximately 750 words in length (about three typed pages, double-spaced) and should reflect your reading of the assigned materials and your listening to the audiotape or viewing of the video program (as applicable). Mastery of the principles on which your response is based must be evident by your indication of which principle you are using and why you have selected this principle to support your response.



Essay Questions

  1. Epictetus (see Source Reader, p. 88) asserts that the keeping of a secret is the most obvious exercise of free choice, since the choice of whether to reveal the secret is clearly within your power. Another person can imprison you, of course, if you will not tell, and even kill you, but no one can make you reveal the secret. What do you think are the limits of human freedom? What might make it IMPOSSIBLE for a person to keep a secret? (You may consider historical examples in your answer to this question.)
  2. You are an assistant in a storefront legal office, a summer employee planning to enter law school in the fall. You are assigned to do the initial interview of a new walk-in client. The client wants to sue her landlord for negligence in connection with severe injuries she sustained on the staircase in her apartment house. However, you quickly find out that the injuries are fictional. You know that the tendency in these cases is for the client to collect a small amount anyway (it's cheaper for the landlord to pay off than to fight). One way that your office stays in business is on its share of just such suits. What do you tell the client? What do you tell the attorneys.


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