write a short essay (a minimum of one full well-developed paragraph) that evaluates, in detail, how well you have met the outcomes for Popular Culture In Media. The reflection essay is somewhat informal, but you are still expected to abide by college-level writing guidelines and to use proper grammar and mechanics.


What ideas and concepts were most important to this course? Explain your answer.

  • What skills has this course introduced to you? What skills have you developed during this course?
  • What topics, ideas, or areas did this course make you want to explore further? How did they have the effect on you and your thinking
  • In what ways can you see this course impacting your career and how you achieve your short-term and long-term goals as a professional and as a person?


For Popular Culture in Media, those outcomes are:

  • To define popular culture
  • To define media milestones in popular culture’s social history
  • To interpret the role of popular culture in identifying and influencing entertainment media trends
  • To identify technological developments and their relation to popular culture
  • To increase critical comprehension of popular culture
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