Some social scientists have said we have created a “cult of celebrity” in our culture. The concept of celebrity has changed as mass media channels have grown, and as entertainment business has changed. In other words, we had a different concept and type of celebrity in 1925 than we do today because media and entertainment business were different then. It used to be that someone became a celebrity for something they did that was noteworthy and important or for positive accomplishments that were considered praiseworthy. But now someone can become a celebrity just by getting enough media exposure---and not really do much of anything, good or bad. Consider “celebrity” as you study the following brief clips.



Watch this trailer----it raises a lot of good points to consider.

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=176&v=xFuctZT-Nus

Watch this short clip of Elvis Presley and note how he handles the questions. Also note his response to the questions about image, first serious, then joking. Was Elvis living up to an image? Was Elvis Presley the world's greatest Elvis Presley impersonator?

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BsGgfWCfw6w

Then, watch the short clip of Barbara Walters interviewing the murderer of John Lennon. Note the killer’s chilling reason for the murder at the end of the clip when Walters asks him ”Why did you kill John Lennon?” Would any of us know who John Wilkes Booth was today if he hadn't of killed Abraham Lincoln?

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uvVvmxBAR_0


Once you have studied the clips, find a clip that relates to the concept of celebrity and provide a link to it in your post. It can be footage of a celebrity, or something about celebrity in general. Recent reality show celebrities may also be useful or even the image of a celebrity (living or dead), such as a cartoon, parody, or an impersonator. Make sure you can use it to support and illustrate your ideas in the posts

Initial Post

Due: Wednesday by 11:59pm Eastern Time
Respond to the following based on what you’ve read and seen in the introduction sections. Using the class materials for the week in addition to the videos above, respond to any of the following questions to frame your first discussion post but you do not have to address them all. Play around with your ideas and those of your classmates, but make it “constructive play.”

  • Discuss how celebrity functions in popular culture Elvis said, “The image is one thing and the human being is another." Discuss what you think he meant.
  • What ways is celebrity used in industry and marketing? What are some of the effects of that use?
  • When he was told Elvis had died, his manager said “That’s OK, it will be like it was when he was in the Army," meaning that just because Elvis couldn’t record or tour, he could still be marketed and money could still be made off of him. And of course, Elvis' estate is still a major money-maker four decades after his death. What does that tell you about the power of celebrity as a “brand”? Cite specific examples to support your assertions.
  • Have we become a culture obsessed with celebrity? Lennon’s killer said he thought he would acquire Lennon’s fame by killing him. Would most of us have any idea who John Wilkes Booth was if he hadn't of killed President Lincoln?
  • Many people say their personal goal is to “become famous." Some reality “stars” are pretty much just ”famous for being famous." What does such a system say about our culture?

Please make sure you have read al the instructions..... Thank You


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