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topic : Module 1 - HW

Critical Thinking Discussion Question:

If you were told that you had to leave your home and move to another country and could only bring one suitcase, what would you pack in that suitcase? What would each of those items tell us about your culture, your place of origin, what is important to you, and your hopes for your new life?



  Immigrants came to the United States with many different kinds of assets.

Ø  For each of the five categories below, choose one asset from each category and provide a detailed explanation for why you chose one asset over the other in each category.


Ø  Category #1:              Money                                                 or                            English


Ø  Category #2:              Photos of people back home          or                            Letters from people back home


Ø  Category #3:              Agricultural Skills                              or                            Skilled Trade


Ø  Category #4:              Adult with Spouse & Family            or                            Adult without spouse & Family


Ø  Category #5:              Protestant                                          or                            Catholic

Topic :  Module 2 disc 2

Discussion Question: Choose One. Write a well-formed paragraph answering the question. Bring to class.


·                  Are there any aspects of American life that are uniquely “American?” Are there practices, traditions, holidays, foods, music, sports, etc. that cannot be traced to a different country of origin? What does this tell us about the composition of American culture? Learning Outcomes 2, 3, 4 (Module Objective 4)


·                  Is it possible to separate anti-Irish sentiments from anti-Catholic sentiments in 19th Century America? Why or why not? Learning Outcomes 2, 4 (Module Objective 4)


·                  Who has contributed most to American culture and life, the Germans or the Irish? Provide examples to support your choice. Learning Outcome 3 (Module Objective 4)


Topic : Module 3 - writing assignment 


Study questions from Immigration, Chapter 3.

Write answers to all five questions.


Ø  1 .  What were the characteristics of most immigrants who came to America between 1880 & 1920?

Ø     What was the percent of foreign-born Americans in 1910?

Ø     What was the percent of foreign-born and children of foreign-born Americans in America’s 12 largest cities?

Ø     What distinctions did the Dillingham Commission Report draw between the old and new immigrants? (this question should be one paragraph)      Provide details.

   What was the Haymarket Riot and what was its relation to Immigrant groups?
(this question should be one paragraph) Use the Internet.

Topic : Module 5 disc

What is the relationship between fear and Nativism? 

 Think about how fear, prejudice, and discrimination influenced developments related to        immigration and internal migration in the United States?


Topic : Module 6 disc 


What is the relationship between fear and Nativism? 

 Think about how fear, prejudice, and discrimination influenced developments related to        immigration and internal migration in the United States?


Topic : Module 6 HW


 Click on this link and watch this video about U.S.-born children who are left behind when their illegal parents are deported.


                http://highered.nbclearn.com/portal/site/HigherEd      /browse?cuecard=44413



 Is this a fair policy? 

 Why or Why not?          

 What possible solutions can there be to address this problem?


Topic : Module 7 disc 



·       1.   Should America provide a safe refuge for immigrants in danger in their home countries (refugees)? Why or why not?

·      2.   Should Puerto Rico become the 51st U.S. state? Why or why not?

  3.  Why has there been a difference in the reception of the first and second waves of immigrants from Cuba?


Topic : Module 8 HW 


       Click this link to familiarize yourself with the map of the Middle East.
       Then answer the questions 

·       1. Which countries border Saudi Arabia?

·       2. Which bodies of water border Saudi Arabia?

·       3. Which countries are across the Red Sea to the west of Saudi Arabia?

·       4. Which countries are across the Persian Gulf to the east of Saudi Arabia?

·       5. Which countries border Afghanistan?


·       6. Which countries border Syria?


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