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Select one film to watch and write a one-page response over it, relating it to themes of global history discussed in class.


Gandhi (1982)
Dir: Richard Attenborough, With Ben Kingsley
Richard Attenborough's hagiography of modern India's founder.


The African Queen (1951)

Dr. John Huston with Humphrey Bogart and Katharine Hepburn


Set during WWII, a riverboat captain and missionary attack a German steam boat.


Paths of Glory (1957)
Dir. Stanley Kubrick. With Kirk Douglas
A courtroom movie. The futility and irony of the war in the trenches in WWI is shown as a unit commander in the French army must deal with the mutiny of his men and a glory-seeking general after part of his force falls back under fire in an impossible attack.


Lawrence of Arabia (1962)


Dir. David Lean with Peter O’Toole


Dramatization of the role of T.E. Lawrence and his efforts to lead Arab resistance during WWI.


Nirgendwo in Afrika (Nowhere in Africa) (2001)


Story of German Jews in British Africa


The Fog of War (2003)


Dir. Errol Morris


US secretary of defense Robert McNamara relates lessons learned during WWII and Vietnam.


The Last Emperor (1987) 160
Dir. Bernardo Bertolucci, With John Lone and Joan Chen.
The Life of Pu YI, the last emperor of China.


The Right Stuff (1983)


Dir. Philip Kaufman


The story of the Mercury astronauts in the context of the Space Race.


Testament of Youth (2015)


Based on the WWI memoir of Vera Brittain. Depicts the British homefront from a young woman's perspective.


Ghost and the Darkness - Romanticized account of the man-eating lions of Tsavo in Kenya. Set during the railroad building mania in British colonial Africa.


Veerapandiya Kattabomman (The Brave Warrior) (1959 (Links to an external site.)) - When the British East India Company forces polygar Kattabomman to pay taxes, levies and be their subsidiary ruler, he openly defies their policy and battles them until his arrest and hanging.


Khartoum (1966) – British defense of Sudanese city of Khartoum during the 19th century Mahdist war.


Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India (2001 (Links to an external site.)) – a sports drama (cricket) set during the British Raj.


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