I need a persuasive letter request and a sales letter by 8pm central time.


I need  a persuasive letter request and a sales letter by 8pm central time.


-Pesruasive request leeter subject:

Take Our Daughter In accordance with the national "Take Our Duaghters and Sons to work day," university faculty and staff are invited to bring their children who are between 8-18 to work with them on April 23. This day will expose children to activities  that occur on a typical day at Heartland University. It will include departmental tours, financial awareness workshops, public safety fingerprinting and mug shots, visiting a residence hall, athlete autographs, recreation center activities, and dining discounts. Faculty and staff who would like to participate should reply  to Amber Bradley at the email address above or call 572-3384 by April 21. Please include the following inforamtion: 

Your name, department, and phone number.

Number of children

Age of each child.

Amber Bradley

Human Resources



-Sales Letter subject:

For sales letter, please write a letter or announcement/brochure about a product or service that you would like to sell. Please consider the appropriate audience for your product/service and identify them in a note at the bottom of your document. Photos, coupons, and other attachments can be used as part of your sales campaign. 


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