I Need a Paper and Follow up Presentation Powerpoint for a (INTERCULTURAL COMMUNICATION) CLASS





May 4, 2016 10:00 PM



·      Name of Your Country (Pick a country) I don’t care which one you pick lol 

·      Paper Overview:

. Paper: Total 9 Pages

. Individualized Grades 

. Location/Climate and Economy (2 pages DS with references) 

. History (2 pages DS with references) 

. Culture and Religion (3 pages DS with references) 

. Customs and Traditions (2 pages DS with references) 

·      Presentational Follow up from paper: Formulate in a Microsoft PowerPoint Document:  

. (Presentation needs to be 5 minutes) 

. Make sure you add speaker notes so I can read them and not the bullet points off of the slides when I present the powerpoint, also make sure the speaker notes won't be projected off of the slides only the presenter can view them


Details of the overview for the paper:


·      Where (your country) is located/climate

. Tell which continent your country is located on and which countries are its neighbors.

. Tell about the typical weather patterns in your country throughout the calendar year.

·      History of (your country)

·      Make a timeline of the important historical events of your country or province.

·      Name of Event 1

·      Name of Event 2

·      Name of Event 3

·      Name of Event 4

·      Name of Event 5

·      Name of Event 6

·      Name of Event 7

·      Name of Event 8

·      1st Date 2nd Date 3rd Date 4th Date 5th Date 6th Date 7th Date 8th Date

·      Description of Event 1

·      Description of Event 2

·      Description of Event 3

·      Description of Event 4

·      Description of Event 5

·      Description of Event 6

·      Description of Event 7

·      Description of Event 8


·      Culture and Religion (your country) 

. Mention any important cultural-specific information, theories that apply (high vs. low context, uncertainty avoidance, individualism vs. collectivism), sub-cultures and religions present 

·      Customs and Traditions 

. Tell about the important customs and traditions celebrated in your country. Include information about who celebrates and when they celebrate. 

·      Economy of (your country) 

. Explain which goods and services are produced in your country. 

. How do people typically provide for the needs of themselves and their families? 




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