I need an introduction, conclusion and a title for this work



I need an introduction, conclusion and a title for this work




I.  Introduction
             B.  Making a decision to attend college, because with this decision I had faced with some emotional, financial and personal issues. 


II.   First main point- Emotional Issue
            A.  Excited to acquire a degree


1. First one to acquire a degree


2. A dream come true


             B. Finding the courage to attend college


1. Changing life style


2. Adjusting to a different schedule


            C. Build up self-confidence


1. Show proudness of my success


2. Build up self-esteem


III.   Second main point- Financial Issue


             A.  Promotion to administrative director


1. The opportunity to show leadership


2. A life time of potential opportunities


             B.  Securing financial stability


1. Make more money


2. Pay of loans


            C.  Go on vacations


1. Spend more time with the family


2. Relaxing from all the hard work


IV.  Third main point- Personal Issue
            A.  Prove to myself that it can be done


1. Show more self-confidence


2. Be an example for my daughter


            B.  Gain more experience


1. Go on beyond my level of assignments


2. Learn how to run a business


 C. Be more productive at work


1. Have more access to recourses


2. Share my knowledge with others

V.  Conclusion

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