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essay 3 pages , plese make it simple because I'm an international student. and here is what you need to do: Read the Genesis creation myth carefully, then draft your response. Make sure you include all of the elements we’ve discussed (Intro, Thesis, Topic Sentences, Analysis, Synthesis/Conclusion), as well as MLA documentation for passages from the textbook (list BOTH authors and the appropriate page number). Your response should focus on answering the following question: Has the influence of the Genesis creation myth had a positive or negative effect on the modern world? Explain your answer by discussing at least two specific passages of the text. Support your claim of a positive or negative effect by citing sources demonstrating the modern effects of the Genesis creation myth (for example, an article discussing the "Creationists vs. Evolutionists" debate). Submit this to the D2L dropbox marked Essay #1 before the due date.

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