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Submitted by GoQa on Tue, 2013-03-19 21:58
due on Tue, 2013-03-19 23:52
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I need help in my Accounting home work

I have 23 multiple questions i need help... please check the attachments

Submitted by accountguru on Tue, 2013-03-19 23:49
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Inventory MCQs

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xxxxx xxxxx is xxxxx by computing the xxxxxxxxxx between xxx xxxxxx statement columns xx the xxxxxxxxxx

xxxxx xxxxx the xxxxxx xxxxxxx in xxx owner’s capital xxxxxxx

Ques. 03 a) will increase because a xxx loss has occurred

xxxxx 04 c) $24,000 loss

Ques. 05 b) xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx credit xxxxxx and the xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx

xxxxx 06 b) temporary xxxxxxxx xxxx

Ques. 07 b) Owner’x drawings

xxxxx 08 c) xx xxxxx xx transfer net xxxxxx (or loss) and owner’s xxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxx’s xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx

Ques. 09 d) xxxxxxxxxxx in the xxxxxxx xxxxxxx

Ques. 10 b) Credit to xxxx xxxxxxx for xxxxxx

Ques. 11 c) a credit xxxxxxx of $1,800

xxxxx xxxxx Automobile xxxxx

Ques. xxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx require xxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx

xxxxx 14 d) with each sale

Ques. xxxxx uses x xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx

xxxxx xxxxx Inventory xxxxxxx

Ques. 17 a) Accounts xxxxxxx

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxx xx xxxxxxx on goods xxxx

Ques. xxxxx xxxxxxxxx

Ques. 20 a) xxxxxxxxx account xxxx xx xxxxxxxxx

xxxxx xxxxx in operating expense for the xxxxxx

xxxxx 22 a) xxxxxx

Ques. xxxxx xxxxxx

xxxxx xxxx .397

xxxxx 25 a. $145,000

xxxxx 26 b. $58,000

There xx one xxxx xxxxx with three xxxxxxxxx

xxxxxxxx xxx xxxxx

A) Merchandise inventory account

xx xxxx xxxxx xxxxxxx

xxxxx discount $ xx

xxxxxxxxx receivable $2,500


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Submitted by YourBusinessT... on Tue, 2013-03-19 23:26
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Financial Accounting 100% Correct Guaranteed

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Please find xxx solutions xxxxxxxxx there were xxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxx so what x did xxx the I copied the first xxxx xx xxxx problem on xxxx page xxx included xx xx the worksheet xx xxxx you xxx see xxxxx xxxxxxxx x xx xxxxxxxxx to.  If xxx have any xxxxxxxxxx please send xx a message


xxxxx xxx

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Your xxxxxxxxx
1) xxxxx xxxxxxx less xxxx xx goods xxxx is calledA. gross xxxxxx
xxx Merchandise Inventory account.
14 xxx xxx xxxxxx xxx xxxxx for xxx periodc. is xxxxx xx xxxxxxxxx the difference xxxxxxx the income statement xxxxxxx xx xxx worksheet.
2xc. the xxxxxx balance in the owner's capital xxxxxxxx
3xxx xxxx increase xxxxxxx net income has occurred.
x7 c. xxxxxxx xxxxx
5x xxx income xxxxxxxxx xxx balance xxxxx columns xx xxxx and xxxx Company's xx income xxxxxxxxx credit xxxxxx and the balance sheet debit xxxxxxx
x 9 b.temporary accounts xxxxx
xxxxx Owner's Drawings.
811xx in order to transfer net xxxxxx (or xxxxx and xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxx capital account.
9 12 xx journalized xx xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx
1013 The xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxx xxx month xx June, xxxx of xxxxxx Obscura Enterprises xxxxxxxx xxx following informationb. credit to xxxx Expense xxx xxxxxxx
11 xxxx a credit balance xx $1,800.
15 xxx Inventory xxxxxxx xx xxxx

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