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first one: 
For a lot of voters, elections just feel daunting. This is likely due to many reasons. For one, an individual represents such a small fraction of their electoral vote that it often may not seem worth it, and then just to make things worse, our candidates are often so extreme that moderate voters may feel like they are just voting for a "lesser evil." Adding to this, voter registration may seem like a tiring hurdle. What if they don't "qualify" for one reason or another? Will it take too much of their time? For voters, especially younger voters who haven't done it before, the system can seem very, very daunting. Where do you start, and how do you get there? 
second one : 
I think one factor that plays a role in low voter turnout is the fact that voting takes place on Tuesdays. A great majority of eligible voters have school or work on that day and might find it hard to make it to the polls. One thing we can do to solve this is to merge together national, state, and local elections on the same day. Another factor that play a role is the fact that many find the voter registration process to be too overwhelming or complex. Because of this, I myself have felt discouraged from taking part in voting. Simplifying voter registration would definitely encourage me to vote more often. 
and I want you to write the 2 paragraphs journal about: 
According to David Wasserman in “Parallel Universes,” which of the two political parties has an advantage in winning the presidency and why? You should discuss race, age, and education. Which political party has an advantage in winning seats in the House of Representatives and why? You should discuss geographical polarization.
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