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Who can answer these 20...

I need answers asap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! human resource management

Who can answer these 20 questions in about 30 minutes and send me the answer a,b,c,d. Chapter 12 Human Resource Management

I have 45 minutes to answer them on line




In order to control compensation costs, administrators of merit pay programs must closely monitor the compa-ratio and what other factor? (Points : 2)



Which one of the following is NOT true of ESOPs? (Points : 2)



How does the balance scorecard help organizations deal with unethical behaviors of executives? (Points : 2)



Gainsharing is most likely to succeed when organizations provide the right conditions. Which one of the following is NOT one of these conditions? (Points : 2)



Which one of the following is NOT true of piecework pay plans? (Points : 2)



Team awards differ from group bonuses in that they: (Points : 2)



What is the advantage of ESOPs? (Points : 2)



Which term describes the process whereby an organization distributes shares of stock to its employees by placing the stock in a trust managed on the employees' behalf? (Points : 2)



Long-term incentives for executives include: (Points : 2)



Employee A received the highest performance rating, has a compa-ratio of 1.2, and received a pay increase of 10 percent. Employee B received the highest performance rating and has a compa-ratio of.0.9. Given the way most merit increase grids work, what size pay increase would you expect Employee B to receive? (Points : 2)



Which one of the following is NOT among the advantages of gainsharing? (Points : 2)



Which one of the following is NOT true of profit sharing programs? (Points : 2)



Pay that is specifically designed to energize, direct, or control employees' behavior is known as: (Points : 2)



Many merit increase grids indicate both the size and frequency of pay increases as determined by the individual's performance rating and his/her: (Points : 2)



Communicating with employees regarding pay-related decisions can: (Points : 2)



Which of the following is a reason for ESOPs' popularity? (Points : 2)



What is the disadvantage of backdating? (Points : 2)



Quality expert W. Edwards Deming advocates the use of: (Points : 2)



What is the drawback of stock ownership as a form of incentive pay? (Points : 2)



You own and manage a small auto-body shop. You pay each of your three employees based upon the time each takes to complete the tasks. Thus, when the employee completes the repair in less time, he/she receives the established rate. You are using a: (Points : 2)

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Hey here is what I have

Here is what I have