I have an online exam which is the introduction to Physical Anthropology. It have the 35 question which should be completed in 1 hour.


The exam cover the topic 

  • Lecture 1: Introduction to Physical Anthropology & Science- 
  • Lecture 2: What is Anthropology- 
  • Lecture 3: The development of evolutionary thought 
  • Lecture 4: Charles Darwin and Natural Selection- Chapter 2- A Duck for Mister Darwin
  • Lecture 5: The biological basis of life.
  • Lecture 6:Mendellian genetics 
  • Lecture 7:Population Genetics 
  • lecture 8 : The forces of evolution.
  • lecture 9_ Macro-and microevolution. 
  • lecture 10: The race concept. 
  • Lecture 11: Modern Human variation.
  • Please let me know if someone are familier with this course.When i start the exam, i will send the picture of the online exam to your email, then you need finish it all 35 question in 1 hour when i sent the questions to you, then you should sent to the anwer. Thanks! 
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