Hypothesis Formulation Assignment

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he purpose of this second assignment is to continue with formulation of your research questions and to begin thinking about testable hypotheses for the final research project undertaken in this class. 

For Assignment 2, do the following:

1. In light of my comments on your previous assignment, post the topic you have chosen (or a new topic, if you changed your mind), including any refinements you have made in response to my comments.

2. Reformulate the topic as a research question, wherein you ask a specific question of interest that will then be researched (i.e., "How does education influence partisan identification," or "Does religiosity lead voters more to the Republican or Democratic parties?")

3. Formulate three hypotheses (educated guesses) about how you think the question will be answered. Tell me why you think these hypotheses are good guesses about the concepts of interest. Rely on class discussion and reading materials to formulate these hypotheses.


(Note: It should be based on research proposal)

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