1. (2 points) Multiple processes can be executed concurrently on a single CPU when one or more processes are blocked, waiting for I/O, or when the operating system supports time-slicing. What are the advantages of each method? What is the advantage of providing concurrent operation?


2. (2 points) Both memory allocation and disk space allocation result in fragmentation because the space available for a program or file is not normally the same as the size of the file or program that will use the space. In both cases, compaction can be used to collect the available spaces together for more efficient use. Discuss the similarities and differences between memory management compaction and disk compaction.


3. (2 points) Compare compilers and interpreters with respect to memory requirements for program execution and CPU requirements for program execution.


4. (2 points) There are some capabilities that are easy to achieve with a GUI (graphical user interface), but much more difficult with a CLI (command line interface). Describe at least two of these capabilities.


5. (2 points) Nearly every operating system separates the file system from the I/O services.  Clearly describe at least two advantages in doing so.


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