Humanities unit 7 discussion


Listen to the opera selections from Don Giovanni and Tannhauser in MyArtsLab. Discuss the experience of listening to these selections and reading the translations.  What was the purpose of opera and describe its reception during the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century? In what ways does opera differ from modern musicals?  

Today, opera music is often used in cartoons, sitcoms, advertising, and ringtones. For example, Cartoon Network presents an operatic performance in cartoon form introducing many characters.  

Source: Figaro. (2013). [web video].Retrieved from  Cartoon Network - Figaro .

Select an example from present-day culture where opera is used in television, film, marketing, or pop culture. Who do you think is the target audience for your selection? Explain why you think opera was used in your example and provide a link to your selection.


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