human service questions


200-300 words each


1 With budget cuts recently a lot of resources have been cut, how can you be resourceful as a human service worker and leave no stone unturned?




2 When is prevention likely to be most effective? How would a society develop a plan to reduce abuse and addiction? What prevention strategies could be used? 




3 How do we handle the relapse? How can we help others with dealing with outside triggers? Do we think about other issues that could drive them back to using, or do we just assume they will be able to handle what ever they are faced with, when it comes to drugs or alcohol. What tools do we use to make sure we are doing all that we can to provide effective services to the clients and o make sure that it is working?




4 What kind of information can human service workers provide to the community that could help increase access to services and reduce substance-related damage to individuals, families, and communities?

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