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Select an individual to interview that works in the fields from your major or at least within the Human Sciences Department majors. Come up with a number of interview questions to ask your interviewee and turn in those questions on a separate sheet of paper. This assignment should focus on what strategies your interviewee uses when instructing individuals or groups. Below are some sample questions that you could ask but are not limited to. Present you findings in narrative form, do not simply type the interview question and the answer given or points will be deducted. The paper should be 2-3 pages in single space (excluding a cover page and questionnaire sheet) utilizing a 12 pt. font and 1” margin all side of paper. Paper should include an introduction of interviewee and conclusion (your thoughts and what you learn) as well as the narration of interview.


SAMPLE QUESTIONS: 1. How do you determine learning styles of your audience? 2. How do you approach working with different learning styles in one audience? 3. What strategies do you use when instructing? 4. Do you use some type of assessment when learning about your audience? 5. Do you have any tips or recommendations for teaching groups, individuals, or any other learning environments? Grading Rubric Criteria Possible Points Points Earned Comments Cover page 10 point Introduction of interviewee 10 point Quality of Interview (including narration, writing, appropriateness, adequate information) 50 point Questionnaires (separate sheet of paper) attached 10 point Conclusions summarized 20 points Total 100 points

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