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You are a newly-appointed HRD Manager of a Singaporean multinational organsiation.  To date your company has been rather ad hoc in its approach to an overseas operation.  Write a comprehensive report to the Board the MNC, outlining the rationale for implementing a strategically-integrated HRD system and how to integrate the subsidiary company.  Identify the main components of such a system and assess how the new system might operate for a particular grade in the organisation. Outline which role it is and how the individual and organisation might benefit from a more strategic approach to HRD



·         The maximum word count for the assignment is 3,000-3,500 words.

·         12 Font Size, Arial

·         Pages must be numbered. 


·         The incorporation of references from the literature should be a key aspect of this essay and the literature should be used to support all ideas and points put forward throughout your essay.  The literature should help to inform you with regard to best practice in field of HRD and with respect of the different components of a strategically-integrated approach to HRD.  Any idea, theme, or argument that you have found in the literature and used in your essay must be cited within the text. 

Around 20 references from 10 sources

Require chart or graph in Appendix 

Plagiarism under 15%




·         Your answer will require you to draw upon many of the topics from this module.


Topic 1 Introduction to HRD                                                                                          

Topic 2 Strategic HRD                                                                                                  

Topic 3 HRD Needs Assessment                                                                                  

Topic 4 Learning: Theories and Programme Design                                                        

Topic 5 Transfer of Learning                                                                                         

Topic 6 HRD Evaluation                                                                                                

Topic 7 Traditional HRD Methods                                                                                  

Topic 8 E-Learning and Use of Technology in HRD                                                        

Topic 9 Employee Development                                                                                                         

Topic 10 Special Issues in HRD                                                                                     

Topic 11 Career Management                                                                                        

Topic 12 The Future of HRD        


Stretegy of the company should link to HRD strategy          

- Training 

- Development

- Career Path

- Responsibility 

 + staff

 + supervisor

+ HR

+ company


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