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10-12 PAGES. paper should follow in the order of the questions. Include references and outline with a cover page.



Changes in technology and markets have resulted in very young companies becoming very successful, very quickly.  FaceBook is one such company.  Less than 10 years old, FaceBook is already a dominant player in social media with plans to continue to develop new markets and products.


Assume that you have been hired as a consultant to an old media company to design a new subsidiary to compete with FaceBook.  Your task is to decide how this new organization would operate in terms of structure, culture, reward systems, and adaptability (change management).


Using concepts from the entire course, write a report to the senior management of the old media company that:


1. Presents an organizational structure that fosters communication, innovation, performance, constructive conflict and free exchange of ideas and diversity of thought.


2. Ties the proposed structure to an organizational culture that meets the above objectives. Specifically, what are the defining characteristics of the culture and how will they generate desired employee behaviors?


3. Identifies the type of leader necessary for this new organization to be successful.  What are the characteristics and behaviors necessary to lead this organization?


4.  Presents a performance management systems that fosters collaboration, high performance and innovation in work teams


5.  Addresses the problem of organizational stagnation and rigidity.  Devise systems and procedures that question the dominant logic,  encourage employees to think differently and raise difficult problems,  and  that create and receptivity to and acceptance of change.



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