Human Geography Assignment


Read the instructions carefully on the question page.

You can use your text book, ppts, and sources on the internet for ideas, but do not use quotes from articles or webpages. This will be uploaded through Turnitin which checks for plagiarism.  Use your skills of analysis and critical thinking and write with your own words. This assessment is to check for how much you are absorbing these geographic concepts. If you are reading the text book, doing the online portion of the class, and participating fully in the classwork and homework you should be able to address these questions with creativity and application. Stick close to the word count.  Write in a WORD document and upload it.  I want to print out your exam. There is no time limit on this midterm but plan on spending two hours total in order to give each question full consideration. Maintain academic honesty, see syllabus for statement about student code of conduct.

The due date is Sunday May 8 at 10 p.m..  

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