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Human appendix and Gene's Rate Evolution

The human appendix, a vestigal extension off the large intestine, is homologous to a structure called a caecum, generally larger than our appendix, and houses bacteria that aid in digesting cellulose, the main component of plants.

Explain how the presence of the appendix might be used to show our common ancestry with other mammals, and determine what it might tell us about the dietary history of humans. Provide an example with your response.

Geneticists compare DNA base sequences among organisms and from this data determine a gene’s rate of evolution. Different genes have been found to evolve at different rates.


Explain why some genes might have faster rates of evolution than other genes as populations adapt to their environments, and give an example with your explanation.

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Human appendix and gene's rate evolution (***APA Format + References***)

body preview (12 words)

Human xxxxxxxx and gene's xxxx evolution

xxxxx appendix and gene's rate xxxxxxxxx

file1.doc preview (1562 words)

The human xxxxxxxxx x xxxxxxxx extension off xxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx is xxxxxxxxxx to a structure xxxxxx x caecum, xxxxxxxxx larger xxxx xxx appendix, and houses bacteria xxxx aid xx digesting cellulose, xxx main component of xxxxxxxx

Explain xxx xxx xxxxxxxx xx the xxxxxxxx xxxxx be xxxx xx xxxx our xxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxx other mammals, and determine xxxx it xxxxx tell us xxxxx the dietary xxxxxxx xx humans. Provide an xxxxxxx xxxx xxxx response.

xxx xxxx recent xxxxxxx of ‘Gray’x xxxxxxx’ indicates xx its embryology xxxxxxx xxxx xxx appendix xx a vestigial remnant indicative xx man’x ancestors’ more herbivorous dietary habits, xxxxxxx the anatomical xxxxxxx xxxxx ‘xx xxxx xx xxx xxxx xxxxx supply and histological differentiation, the vermiform appendix xx xxxxxxxx xxxx correctly xxxxxxxx as a xxxxxxxxxxx xxxx xx x xxxxxxxxxxx vestigial xxxxxxxxxx xxx configuration of the xxxxxx and appendix in man and xxx xxxxxxxxxx apes, xx xxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxx in xxx xxxxxxxx

In x study xx xxx

- - - more text follows - - -

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