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Find 2 sources for each of the proposed topic in the attached document and write MLA bibliogriphies and summaries for each source following the instructions bellow. 


  1. Topics Exploration:

a.     Search the Internet or the ASU library periodical databases to find two credible articles on your issue or aspect of the issue, preferably with different views. The goal is to begin to see the multiple views on the aspect you are researching.  You will later need to find at least one other view that differs from these in some way. For now though, the goal is to find just two sources with different ideas about your particular aspect. Your sources may be political cartoons, written sources or any of the other kinds of sources listed in the directions for the Multiple Sides Project.

If you find them on the Internet, post the full URL in your Project Group blog. If you find a PDF of the article either in the ASU library databases or on the Internet, save the file to your computer and upload it as an attachment in your group blog so other group members will also have access to it. Do NOT post URLs to articles you find in library databases as those change and will not work for later access. Instead, post the saved article PDF. To access your group blog, click on Project Group in the Blackboard course menu and then click on Blog in the menu that opens.

If your group chose a specific topic and assigned students particular focuses to research, your articles should address the specific narrow focus your group assigned you. If you cannot find any sources on that narrow focus, you should find more generalized articles on your issue so that next class period your group can reconsider how to divide the topic for research.

If your group is still considering multiple broad topics, the ideal source would be one that gives a general overview of the topic assigned to you, so that you can learn more about the topic in order to decide how the research might be effectively divided among group members.

If you were not in attendance at the last class, check your email for a message from a group member telling you what you are supposed to research . You also might check your Project Group pages to see if they posted your assignment there. (Click on Project Groups in the Blackboard course menu.) If you can't find any reference to your personal assignment, send an email message to all your group members, asking what they decided to do and what you were assigned to research, (from inside your project group pages) and copy it to me as well.

    1. Once you have found sources, create MLA bibliography entries for them (see Chapter 18 for example bibliography entries).

Write a 1/2 page (double-spaced) summary of each article, covering all the main points. Type the summary underneath the bibliography entry for that source like the example annotated bibliography in Writing Project 2 directions.

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  • Find 2 sources for each of the proposed topic in the attached document and write MLA bibliogriphies and summaries for each source following the instructions bellow.

    1. Topics Exploration: