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Hsa 540

"Medicaid Expansion and the Affordable Care Act"  Please respond to the following:

  • Read the Senate Bill HB 707 for the state of Georgia located in Week 2. You may also view the article at Next, predict the impact of Senate Bill HB 707 on the expansion of Medicaid in the State of Georgia. Defend or critique the implications of Georgia’s HB 707 on Georgia’s uninsured population. Support your position using a minimum of two (2) sources from the textbook or Internet.
  • Identify the positive trends relative to the future of organized delivery systems. Provide one (1) example of an organized delivery system in your area, and examine its impact on reducing costs, increasing access to care, and improving quality of care.


Submitted by nyanya on Thu, 2017-01-12 17:58
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xxxxxxx xxxxx HSA 540 1 HSA 540 � xxxx \* xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx

xxx xxxx


xxxxxxxxxxx xxx

xxxxxxxx Expansion and the Affordable xxxx xxx

The Senate Bill HB xxx related xx the xxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxx xx xxx State of Georgia xxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx on the population xxxx is uninsured in xxxxxxxx The xxxx prohibits the xxxxxxxxxxx of xxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxx to xxx state in the expansion xx Medicaid under Affordable xxxx xxx xxx federal patient protection xx xxx year 2010 (Sec. xxx (Nikpay, xxxxx The xxxxx is also xxxxxxxxxx from spending money, xxxxxx xx human resources xx influence people xxx advocate xxx xxx xxxxxxxx expansion xx medical assistance xx xxx section 3. Entities xx xxx xxxxxx xxx prohibited xx the Bill from accepting federal xxxxx or xxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx not xxxxxxx xx investigate healthcare xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx to the xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxx Affordable Care xxx xx xxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxx 3. xxxxxx

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