Below, I will be asking you questions about three topics; (1) your ideas on what makes a situation bullying, (2) managing and preventing bullying, and (3) some background questions.  Please answer the questions from your role as a Human Resource Professional (HRP) and use as much space as you need. Additionally, you will need to think of a pseudonym that I can use so that your real name is not being used. What name what you like to use instead of your real name? Please fill in here:  ______________________________


I. What is bullying?


1.      In your opinion, what constitutes workplace bullying?


2.      What kinds of complaints of bullying have you heard that you felt were NOT bullying but rather legitimate or “normal” behavior?


3.      Are any of these behaviors (yelling, spreading rumors about a colleague, ignoring someone, persistent criticism) considered acceptable in work contexts in your country? Would this behavior be considered unacceptable or abusive when performed by managers but not subordinates or peers, or vice versa?  If so, why?

a.       Would this behavior be considered unacceptable or abusive when performed by men but not women or vice versa? If so, why?


4.      Are there any behaviors that you would consider a typical bullying behavior?


5.       Think about Bahraini or Saudi culture. What is unique about this culture that might make bullying more or less acceptable?


6.      Why do you think workplace bullying generally occurs?


II. Preventing & Managing Bullying - I would now like to ask you questions related to preventing and managing of bullying.



7.      What do you think is the best way to prevent bullying?


8.      What do you think is the best way to manage bullying?


9.      If someone is bullied to whom do they generally turn for assistance?


10.  Who would be involved in managing complaints of bullying?


11.  We would like to better understand how human resources professionals (HRPs) view their role in bullying situations.  What is HR’s role in bullying situations?


12.  We would also like to know how you, as an HRP, think others in the organization view your role in bullying situations:

a.       How does leadership view HR’s role in bullying situations?

b.      How do employees who complain of having been bullied view HRs role in bullying situations?


13.  In your experience, what are organization’s motivations for addressing bullying?


14.  In your region/country, would organizations have policies meant to address bullying? (Yes or No).

a.       If yes, please describe these policies.


15.  To what extent are these policies enforced?


16.  What laws and policies would you like to see enacted and enforced?

III: Background Questions: Thank you for your responses to these questions.  Before we end the questions, I have a few general background questions for you answer.


17. What culture do you identify with?

a.  If more than one, what culture do you identify with the most?


18. Are you considered an HR Manager (i.e. have employees that report to you)?  Yes   or   No


19. What industry do you practice HR in (i.e. public/private and specific industry)?


20. What is the approximate number of employees in your organization?


21. Regarding your education:

a.  What is the highest degree you hold?

b. What fields are your degree(s) in?

c. Do you hold any special HR certifications?  If so, which ones?


22.  How long have you been in HR?  0-5 years,  6-10 years, 11-15years,  16+ years


23.  What is your birth year?


24.   Gender:  Male   or    Female



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