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You will develop your analysis of a TED talk - 


First, select a "talk" (aka presentation or speech) that interests you from the 1,100 TED Talks (ranging in length from 3 to 18 minutes)


Second, listen to the presentation several times, paying close attention to how the individual uses non-verbal communication, composes sentences, and organizes thoughts, etc. Use the outline below to structure your analysis:


1.      Purpose: General and specific purpose (and implied if different from stated purpose)




2. Non-verbal delivery


  • Movement in Your Speech

  • Visual Aids


  1. Strategies for Success


  • Pathos: tone, emphasis, engagement
  • Logos: clarity, conciseness, arrangement
  • Ethos: credibility, expectation, reference


  1. Style


  • Appeals (to emotions, logic, ethos)
  • Figurative language (similes, metaphors, symbols, imagery)
  • Use of language, word choices (diction)
  • Passive or active voice
  • Simple or complex sentences; short or long sentences


  1. Oral strategies and tactics


  • Music
  • Volume
  • Speech patterns (articulation, intonation, emphasis)
  • Other sound effects


Third, develop your analysis using all 5 of the areas above.


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