HRM530 Week 1 Discussion 1 and Discussion 2

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HRM530 Week 1 Discussion 1

"Managing Change in Organizations"  Please respond to the following:

Determine why change is so difficult for organizations. Propose ways that human resource (HR) specialists can assist in making change easier.

Propose two ways that HR can prepare its employees for the changes involved with moving from a domestic assignment to an overseas assignment. Respond and evaluate another learner’s comment. Ground students will do this through discussion.

HRM530 Week 1 Discussion 2

"Future of Human Resource Management" Please respond to the following:

From the e-Activity, examine three trends in HR. Provide probable causes for these trends. Predict how these trends will affect organizations in a single sector of your choosing.


Examine the duties and responsibilities of a HR specialist. Determine the contributions that someone in this position makes to an organization. Support your position.

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