HRM 587 Managing Organizational Change Week 5 Discussions

HRM 587 (Managing Organizational Change)


 Week 5


Week 5 DQ 1


Organizational Development Theory and Practices

JetBlue Airways is a company which has embraced the OD theory and allowed OD’s vision of emotional intelligence, value proposition, positive reinforcement, and change through improvement and culture to drive much of its results over the past years. The airline industry is one in which external influences have had an unbelievable impact on the bottom line of all of the companies that fly


Week 5 DQ 2

nStep Practices (Graded)

Class, you will be the “change agents” for this change. Your professor will be the CEO, issuing dictates, orders, suggestions, support, ideas, and thoughts. However, you, as class members, will need to take each new piece of information and determine how it will fit into your plans for change, as change agents. Keep an eye on the new information as well as how your colleagues are addressing it. Innovation, creativity, and level headedness is key to making this week’s solution succeed. Good luck! 

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    HRM 587 Managing Organizational Change Week 5 Discussions

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