HRM 498 Week 2 Assignments - Strategic HRM Plan, Part I: Company Overview

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What is included in the full course package? The entire course study guide includes the homework solutions in word format for HRM 498 (bachelors program). Your tutorial will include these files:

  • Week 2 Discussion questions 1, 2
    • Week 2 individual assignment – Strategic HRM Plan, Part I: Company Overview

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HRM 498 Week 2 Assignments - Strategic HRM Plan, Part I: Company Overview assignment description:

Your Learning Team must select from the following list or select another company with facilitator approval. In all cases, the company must be public and have public information. If a company has more than one division, select one division to develop the strategic plan. Lower bandwidth links are noted with an asterisk.   The purpose of a strategic plan is to define and focus resources to meet a company’s needs and enable superior performance. The strategic HRM plan must focus on how, as a business partner, HRM helps ensure the leadership and workforce are prepared for creating a successful future

List of Approved Companies

Microsoft®  Intel®  Roche Pharmaceutical®   Raytheon®

General Electric®  Pearson®  Toyota®     Citigroup®

Boeing*  ®    Target®   Pepsi-Co®  Texaco®

Hewlett-Packard®  Dell®  Starbucks*®  Honeywell®

Alcon®  Nike®  Ford®  EDC Publishing®

American Express®  ARCO®   BEA Systems®    Cisco®

DuPont*®  McDonalds*®  UPS®  Glaxo Smith Kline®

Home Depot*®    KPMG®   Monsanto®  Kroger*®

·  Select a company from the above list that interests you. Each team member must research onecompany as a prospective focus for the final project.

·  Research the company’s HR Web site for internally and externally disseminated documents, mission and vision statements, and the company’s core competencies.

·  Review each member’s organizational research and core competencies, and choose your company.

·  Prepare a 200- to 350-word paper that provides an overview of your selected company. Provide the company’s name, core competencies (primary business objectives and product lines) it’s mission or vision , and an explanation of why your team selected this company for its project.

·  Write your paper in 3rd person.  (See Writing Tips posted in Main Forum on how to write in 3rd person).

·  Use References:  from your research. Use at least two separate sources.

·  Cite your references. If you used an electronic source, include the link.  Make sure you use in-text citations in the body of the paper to identify any work that relies upon information from another source. Even if you have re-written researched work in your own words (paraphrased) you must cite your source. See our Free Tips posted in the Main Forum for tips on how to format your references.

·  Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines

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    HRM 498 Week 2 Assignments - Strategic HRM Plan, Part I: Company Overview

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