HRM 420 Week 4 Workplace Safety Issues

All companies try to avoid hazardous issues on the job. I live in central California where the oil industry is a big. When I was employed at a pump repair company, I was in charge of entering the safety violations that took place with each employee as well as the good days we had as a company. One of the managers made a comment that the OSHA binder that was kept in the shop existed because of workplace accidents and incidents.


There are many safety issues that are involved with companies that are industrial. There are forklift issues, electrical, ones that involve height, and hazardous materials. In clerical or administrative positions safety issues can be leaving file cabinets open which happens in my office all the time. It can mean having circulatory issues from a chair or desk that is not ergonomically correct. It can also mean having your vision impaired from staring at a computer screen all day. Just because a person works indoors does not mean they are safe from hazardous issues.



    • Posted: 2 years ago
    HRM 420 Week 4 Workplace Safety Issues

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