HRM 326 - Week 5 - Team Assignment - Professional Development Plan

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Write a professional training and development plan for the organization you chose in week two; write a minimum of 2500 word paper, not including title/references pages, based on the information the team learned in all weeks of this course. Show how the team applies what has been discussed in the weeks of this course to the organization chosen in week 2. Feel free to follow the points below…)


(Use points below as headings inside paper)


·         Needs Analysis:


o   Organizational analysis

o   Team analysis

o   Task analysis


      Refer to your papers of the past to see what the team decided on the above and tell us about that decision….


·         Learning objectives:


How did the objectives for the course over the past 5 weeks help the team design what is being written for the training and development plan


·         Appropriate training delivery method(s):


o   Examples might include, but are not limited to, classroom, video conference, conference call, Web-based, or podcasts.


     Your plan must be focused on one-two delivery methods only (your previous team discussions should provide some help in this area)


 ·         Evaluation criteria:


o   Measures and collection points

o   Timeframe

o   Expected results quantifying success, failure, and the in-between

·         Your previous papers should help here, too



Note: Use minimum of “3”  different references inside your paper; be sure to use APA guidelines on references page showing the sources used inside paper


Format your paper throughout consistent with APA guidelines. (6th Edition) – Follow APA guidelines and include team name, instructor’s name, date of paper and title of course on this page


A conclusion statement is recommended and may be part of word requirements


Title pages required for all assignments (except DQ weekly assignment, participation and team evals) and must include team name, instructor’s name ,names of team members, date of paper and name of course.


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    HRM 326 - Week 5 - Team Assignment - Professional Development Plan

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