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xxxxxxx’s xxxxx

xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx



According xx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Psychology, xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx do xxx xxxxxxx owe their business xxxxxxx solely xx market realities as xxxx as xxxxxxxxxxx competitive xxxxxxxxxx (Sims, 2002). xxxx referring xx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx we refer xx xxxxx that xxxx xx xxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxx capital xx xxxxx xxxx important asset (Griffin, xxxxxx This is also where the Human Resource Management xxxxx in. Human Resource Management, better known as xxx refers to the strategic xxxxxxxxxx xx the xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xx xxxx as individually contribute to xxx achievement xx xxxxxxxxx goals of xx organization (Gitman & xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx HRM believes that a company or organization should be in x xxxxxxxx xx xxxxxx both xxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxx psychology so as xx xxxxxx xxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxx organizational goals. The main aim xx the HRM xx xx enable x

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